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About Us

The Women in Foreign Policy (DPK) Initiative of Turkey was established to promote women’s voices on hard security issues; to encourage female participation in foreign policy decision-making at all levels, with bottom-up and nonhierarchical approaches; and to involve women at all levels of peacemaking, historical reconciliation and resolving frozen conflicts so that they may share their experiences and develop long-term policy recommendations. DPK aims to include women’s perspectives in all areas of international relations by encouraging young women to become leaders in foreign policy fields and by taking responsibility for meeting global challenges that hamper equitable and sustainable development.




  • To share experiences to understand and provide solutions for the problems we face at individual, national and global level.

  • To mobilize collective expertise, build partnerships, promote collaboration and facilitate smoother processes.

  • To empower young women to become an active part of foreign policy mechanisms.

What do we do?


  • Provide opportunities for discussion of international politics and foreign policy

  • Develop recommendations and concepts to increase the role of women in foreign policy

  • Create networks to include women in the foreign policy community

  • Provide a platform for discussions on foreign policy issues by emphasizing the interdependency of domestic and external issues

  • Aim to make women decision makers in all areas of foreign policy

  • Provide educational opportunities, such as workshops and seminars, for women to increase their knowledge of global citizenship and policy development

  • Develop opportunities for women to participate in activities where they can hav leadership roles


Shared values and guiding principles

  • Participatory processes

  • Regional cooperative approach

  • Building partnerships

  • Accountability

  • Transparency

Our Mission
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